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package controllers

import ""


Package Files

exp.go machinepool_controller.go machinepool_controller_noderef.go machinepool_controller_phases.go


var (
    ErrNoAvailableNodes = errors.New("cannot find nodes with matching ProviderIDs in ProviderIDList")

type MachinePoolReconciler Uses

type MachinePoolReconciler struct {
    Client client.Client
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MachinePoolReconciler reconciles a MachinePool object

func (*MachinePoolReconciler) Reconcile Uses

func (r *MachinePoolReconciler) Reconcile(ctx context.Context, req ctrl.Request) (_ ctrl.Result, reterr error)

func (*MachinePoolReconciler) SetupWithManager Uses

func (r *MachinePoolReconciler) SetupWithManager(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager, options controller.Options) error

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