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package kubetest

import ""


Package Files

run.go setup.go


const (
    DefaultGinkgoNodes            = 1
    DefaultGinkoSlowSpecThreshold = 120

func Run Uses

func Run(ctx context.Context, input RunInput) error

Run executes kube-test given an artifact directory, and sets settings required for kubetest to work with Cluster API. JUnit files are also gathered for inclusion in Prow.

type RunInput Uses

type RunInput struct {
    // ClusterProxy is a clusterctl test framework proxy for the workload cluster
    // for which to run kubetest against
    ClusterProxy framework.ClusterProxy
    // NumberOfNodes is the number of cluster nodes that exist for kubetest
    // to be aware of
    NumberOfNodes int
    // ArtifactsDirectory is where conformance suite output will go
    ArtifactsDirectory string
    // Path to the kubetest e2e config file
    ConfigFilePath string
    // GinkgoNodes is the number of Ginkgo nodes to use
    GinkgoNodes int
    // GinkgoSlowSpecThreshold is time in s before spec is marked as slow
    GinkgoSlowSpecThreshold int
    // KubernetesVersion is the version of Kubernetes to test (if not specified, then an attempt to discover the server version is made)
    KubernetesVersion string
    // ConformanceImage is an optional field to specify an exact conformance image
    ConformanceImage string
    // KubeTestRepoListPath is optional file for specifying custom image repositories
    KubeTestRepoListPath string

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