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package types

import ""


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func ContainerCmder Uses

func ContainerCmder(containerNameOrID string) *containerCmder

type Node Uses

type Node struct {
    Name        string
    ClusterRole string
    InternalIP  string
    Image       string

    Commander *containerCmder
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Node can be thought of as a logical component of Kubernetes. A node is either a control plane node, a worker node, or a load balancer node.

func NewNode Uses

func NewNode(name, image, role string) *Node

NewNode returns a Node with defaults.

func (*Node) Delete Uses

func (n *Node) Delete(ctx context.Context) error

Delete removes the container.

func (*Node) IP Uses

func (n *Node) IP(ctx context.Context) (ipv4 string, ipv6 string, err error)

IP gets the docker ipv4 and ipv6 of the node.

func (*Node) IsRunning Uses

func (n *Node) IsRunning() bool

IsRunning returns if the container is running

func (*Node) Kill Uses

func (n *Node) Kill(ctx context.Context, signal string) error

Kill sends the named signal to the container.

func (*Node) Role Uses

func (n *Node) Role() (string, error)

Role returns the role of the node.

func (*Node) String Uses

func (n *Node) String() string

String returns the name of the node.

func (*Node) WithStatus Uses

func (n *Node) WithStatus(status string) *Node

WithStatus sets the status of the container and returns the node

func (*Node) WriteFile Uses

func (n *Node) WriteFile(ctx context.Context, dest, content string) error

WriteFile puts a file inside a running container.

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