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package loadbalancer

import ""

Package loadbalancer contains external loadbalancer related constants and configuration


Package Files

config.go const.go doc.go


const ConfigPath = "/usr/local/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg"

ConfigPath defines the path to the config file in the image

const DefaultConfigTemplate = "" /* 607 byte string literal not displayed */

DefaultConfigTemplate is the loadbalancer config template

const Image = "kindest/haproxy:2.1.1-alpine"

Image defines the loadbalancer image:tag

func Config Uses

func Config(data *ConfigData) (config string, err error)

Config returns a kubeadm config generated from config data, in particular the kubernetes version

type ConfigData Uses

type ConfigData struct {
    ControlPlanePort int
    BackendServers   map[string]string
    IPv6             bool

ConfigData is supplied to the loadbalancer config template

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