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package apiutil

import ""

Package apiutil contains utilities for working with raw Kubernetes API machinery, such as creating RESTMappers and raw REST clients, and extracting the GVK of an object.


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func GVKForObject Uses

func GVKForObject(obj runtime.Object, scheme *runtime.Scheme) (schema.GroupVersionKind, error)

GVKForObject finds the GroupVersionKind associated with the given object, if there is only a single such GVK.

func NewDiscoveryRESTMapper Uses

func NewDiscoveryRESTMapper(c *rest.Config) (meta.RESTMapper, error)

NewDiscoveryRESTMapper constructs a new RESTMapper based on discovery information fetched by a new client with the given config.

func RESTClientForGVK Uses

func RESTClientForGVK(gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, baseConfig *rest.Config, codecs serializer.CodecFactory) (rest.Interface, error)

RESTClientForGVK constructs a new rest.Interface capable of accessing the resource associated with the given GroupVersionKind. The REST client will be configured to use the negotiated serializer from baseConfig, if set, otherwise a default serializer will be set.

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