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package fake

import ""

Package fake provides a fake client for testing.

A fake client is backed by its simple object store indexed by GroupVersionResource. You can create a fake client with optional objects.

client := NewFakeClientWithScheme(scheme, initObjs...) // initObjs is a slice of runtime.Object

You can invoke the methods defined in the Client interface.

When in doubt, it's almost always better not to use this package and instead use envtest.Environment with a real client and API server.

WARNING: ⚠️ Current Limitations / Known Issues with the fake Client ⚠️ - This client does not have a way to inject specific errors to test handled vs. unhandled errors. - There is some support for sub resources which can cause issues with tests if you're trying to update

e.g. metadata and status in the same reconcile.

- No OpeanAPI validation is performed when creating or updating objects. - ObjectMeta's `Generation` and `ResourceVersion` don't behave properly, Patch or Update operations that rely on these fields will fail, or give false positives.


Package Files

client.go doc.go

func NewFakeClient Uses

func NewFakeClient(initObjs ...client.Object) client.Client

NewFakeClient creates a new fake client for testing. You can choose to initialize it with a slice of runtime.Object.

func NewFakeClientWithScheme Uses

func NewFakeClientWithScheme(clientScheme *runtime.Scheme, initObjs ...client.Object) client.Client

NewFakeClientWithScheme creates a new fake client with the given scheme for testing. You can choose to initialize it with a slice of runtime.Object.

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