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package printer

import ""

Package printer contains setup for a friendlier Ginkgo printer that's easier to parse by test automation.


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type NewlineReporter Uses

type NewlineReporter struct{}

NewlineReporter is Reporter that Prints a newline after the default Reporter output so that the results are correctly parsed by test automation. See issue

func (NewlineReporter) AfterSuiteDidRun Uses

func (NewlineReporter) AfterSuiteDidRun(setupSummary *types.SetupSummary)

AfterSuiteDidRun implements ginkgo.Reporter

func (NewlineReporter) BeforeSuiteDidRun Uses

func (NewlineReporter) BeforeSuiteDidRun(setupSummary *types.SetupSummary)

BeforeSuiteDidRun implements ginkgo.Reporter

func (NewlineReporter) SpecDidComplete Uses

func (NewlineReporter) SpecDidComplete(specSummary *types.SpecSummary)

SpecDidComplete implements ginkgo.Reporter

func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteDidEnd Uses

func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteDidEnd(summary *types.SuiteSummary)

SpecSuiteDidEnd Prints a newline between "35 Passed | 0 Failed | 0 Pending | 0 Skipped" and "--- PASS:"

func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteWillBegin Uses

func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteWillBegin(config config.GinkgoConfigType, summary *types.SuiteSummary)

SpecSuiteWillBegin implements ginkgo.Reporter

func (NewlineReporter) SpecWillRun Uses

func (NewlineReporter) SpecWillRun(specSummary *types.SpecSummary)

SpecWillRun implements ginkgo.Reporter

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