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package internal

import ""


Package Files

apiserver.go arguments.go bin_path_finder.go etcd.go process.go


var APIServerDefaultArgs = []string{
    "--etcd-servers={{ if .EtcdURL }}{{ .EtcdURL.String }}{{ end }}",
    "--cert-dir={{ .CertDir }}",
    "--insecure-port={{ if .URL }}{{ .URL.Port }}{{ end }}",
    "--insecure-bind-address={{ if .URL }}{{ .URL.Hostname }}{{ end }}",
    "--secure-port={{ if .SecurePort }}{{ .SecurePort }}{{ end }}",
var EtcdDefaultArgs = []string{
    "--advertise-client-urls={{ if .URL }}{{ .URL.String }}{{ end }}",
    "--listen-client-urls={{ if .URL }}{{ .URL.String }}{{ end }}",
    "--data-dir={{ .DataDir }}",

func BinPathFinder Uses

func BinPathFinder(symbolicName string) (binPath string)

BinPathFinder checks the an environment variable, derived from the symbolic name, and falls back to a default assets location when this variable is not set

func DoAPIServerArgDefaulting Uses

func DoAPIServerArgDefaulting(args []string) []string

func DoEtcdArgDefaulting Uses

func DoEtcdArgDefaulting(args []string) []string

func GetEtcdStartMessage Uses

func GetEtcdStartMessage(listenURL url.URL) string

func RenderTemplates Uses

func RenderTemplates(argTemplates []string, data interface{}) (args []string, err error)

type DefaultedProcessInput Uses

type DefaultedProcessInput struct {
    URL              url.URL
    Dir              string
    DirNeedsCleaning bool
    Path             string
    StopTimeout      time.Duration
    StartTimeout     time.Duration

func DoDefaulting Uses

func DoDefaulting(
    name string,
    listenURL *url.URL,
    dir string,
    path string,
    startTimeout time.Duration,
    stopTimeout time.Duration,
) (DefaultedProcessInput, error)

type ProcessState Uses

type ProcessState struct {
    Session *gexec.Session
    // Healthcheck Endpoint. If we get http.StatusOK from this endpoint, we
    // assume the process is ready to operate. E.g. "/healthz". If this is set,
    // we ignore StartMessage.
    HealthCheckEndpoint string
    // HealthCheckPollInterval is the interval which will be used for polling the
    // HealthCheckEndpoint.
    // If left empty it will default to 100 Milliseconds.
    HealthCheckPollInterval time.Duration
    // StartMessage is the message to wait for on stderr. If we receive this
    // message, we assume the process is ready to operate. Ignored if
    // HealthCheckEndpoint is specified.
    // The usage of StartMessage is discouraged, favour HealthCheckEndpoint
    // instead!
    // Deprecated: Use HealthCheckEndpoint in favour of StartMessage
    StartMessage string
    Args         []string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ProcessState) Start Uses

func (ps *ProcessState) Start(stdout, stderr io.Writer) (err error)

func (*ProcessState) Stop Uses

func (ps *ProcessState) Stop() error


integration_testsPackage integrariontests is holding the integration tests to run against the framework.

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