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package metrics

import ""

Package metrics contains controller related metrics utilities


Package Files

client_go_adapter.go doc.go listener.go registry.go workqueue.go


const (
    RestClientSubsystem = "rest_client"
    LatencyKey          = "request_latency_seconds"
    ResultKey           = "requests_total"

Metrics subsystem and all of the keys used by the rest client.

const (
    ReflectorSubsystem     = "reflector"
    ListsTotalKey          = "lists_total"
    ListsDurationKey       = "list_duration_seconds"
    ItemsPerListKey        = "items_per_list"
    WatchesTotalKey        = "watches_total"
    ShortWatchesTotalKey   = "short_watches_total"
    WatchDurationKey       = "watch_duration_seconds"
    ItemsPerWatchKey       = "items_per_watch"
    LastResourceVersionKey = "last_resource_version"

Metrics subsystem and all keys used by the reflectors.

const (
    WorkQueueSubsystem         = "workqueue"
    DepthKey                   = "depth"
    AddsKey                    = "adds_total"
    QueueLatencyKey            = "queue_duration_seconds"
    WorkDurationKey            = "work_duration_seconds"
    UnfinishedWorkKey          = "unfinished_work_seconds"
    LongestRunningProcessorKey = "longest_running_processor_seconds"
    RetriesKey                 = "retries_total"

Metrics subsystem and all keys used by the workqueue.


var DefaultBindAddress = ":8080"

DefaultBindAddress sets the default bind address for the metrics listener The metrics is on by default.

func NewListener Uses

func NewListener(addr string) (net.Listener, error)

NewListener creates a new TCP listener bound to the given address.

type RegistererGatherer Uses

type RegistererGatherer interface {

RegistererGatherer combines both parts of the API of a Prometheus registry, both the Registerer and the Gatherer interfaces.

var Registry RegistererGatherer = prometheus.NewRegistry()

Registry is a prometheus registry for storing metrics within the controller-runtime

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