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package log

import ""

Package log contains (deprecated) utilities for fetching a new logger when one is not already available.

Deprecated: use pkg/log


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var (
    // ZapLogger is a Logger implementation.
    // If development is true, a Zap development config will be used
    // (stacktraces on warnings, no sampling), otherwise a Zap production
    // config will be used (stacktraces on errors, sampling).
    ZapLogger = zap.Logger

    // ZapLoggerTo returns a new Logger implementation using Zap which logs
    // to the given destination, instead of stderr.  It otherwise behaves like
    // ZapLogger.
    ZapLoggerTo = zap.LoggerTo

    // SetLogger sets a concrete logging implementation for all deferred Loggers.
    SetLogger = log.SetLogger

    // Log is the base logger used by kubebuilder.  It delegates
    // to another logr.Logger.  You *must* call SetLogger to
    // get any actual logging.
    Log = log.Log

    // KBLog is a base parent logger for use inside controller-runtime.
    // Deprecated: don't use this outside controller-runtime
    // (inside CR, use pkg/internal/log.RuntimeLog)
    KBLog logr.Logger

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