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package deepcopy

import ""

Package deepcopy generates DeepCopy, DeepCopyInto, and DeepCopyObject implementations for types.

It's ported from's /'s deepcopy-gen, but it's scoped specifically to runtime.Object and skips support for deepcopying interfaces, which aren't handled in CRDs anyway.


Package Files

doc.go gen.go traverse.go zz_generated.markerhelp.go

type Generator Uses

type Generator struct {
    // HeaderFile specifies the header text (e.g. license) to prepend to generated files.
    HeaderFile string `marker:",optional"`
    // Year specifies the year to substitute for " YEAR" in the header file.
    Year string `marker:",optional"`

Generator generates code containing DeepCopy, DeepCopyInto, and DeepCopyObject method implementations.

func (Generator) Generate Uses

func (d Generator) Generate(ctx *genall.GenerationContext) error

func (Generator) Help Uses

func (Generator) Help() *markers.DefinitionHelp

func (Generator) RegisterMarkers Uses

func (Generator) RegisterMarkers(into *markers.Registry) error

type ObjectGenCtx Uses

type ObjectGenCtx struct {
    Collector  *markers.Collector
    Checker    *loader.TypeChecker
    HeaderText string

ObjectGenCtx contains the common info for generating deepcopy implementations. It mostly exists so that generating for a package can be easily tested without requiring a full set of output rules, etc.

func (*ObjectGenCtx) GenerateForPackage Uses

func (ctx *ObjectGenCtx) GenerateForPackage(root *loader.Package) []byte

GenerateForPackage generates DeepCopy and runtime.Object implementations for types in the given package, writing the formatted result to given writer. May return nil if source could not be generated.

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