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package pretty

import ""

Package pretty contains utilities for formatting terminal help output, and a use of those to display marker help.

Terminal Output

The Span interface and Table struct allow you to construct tables with colored formatting, without causing ANSI formatting characters to mess up width calculations.

Marker Help

The MarkersSummary prints a summary table for marker help, while the MarkersDetails prints out more detailed information, with explainations of the individual marker fields.


Package Files

doc.go help.go print.go table.go

type Decoration Uses

type Decoration color.Color

Decoration represents a terminal decoration.

func (Decoration) Containing Uses

func (d Decoration) Containing(contents Span) Span

Containing returns a Span that has the given decoration applied.

type Span Uses

type Span interface {
    // VisualLength reports the "width" as perceived by the user on the terminal
    // (i.e. widest line, ignoring ANSI escape characters).
    VisualLength() int
    // WriteTo writes the full span contents to the given writer.
    WriteTo(io.Writer) error

Span is a chunk of content that is writable to an output, but knows how to calculate its apparent visual "width" on the terminal (not to be confused with the raw length, which may include zero-width coloring sequences).

func FieldSyntaxHelp Uses

func FieldSyntaxHelp(arg help.FieldHelp) Span

func FromWriter Uses

func FromWriter(run func(io.Writer) error) Span

FromWriter returns a span that takes content from a function expecting a Writer.

func Indented Uses

func Indented(amt int, content Span) Span

Indented returns a span that indents all lines by the given number of tabs.

func Line Uses

func Line(content Span) Span

Line returns a span that emits a newline, followed by the given content.

func MarkerSyntaxHelp Uses

func MarkerSyntaxHelp(def help.MarkerDoc) Span

MarkerSyntaxHelp assembles syntax help for a given marker.

func MarkersDetails Uses

func MarkersDetails(fullDetail bool, groupName string, markers []help.MarkerDoc) Span

MarkersDetails returns detailed help for the given markers, including detailed field help.

func MarkersSummary Uses

func MarkersSummary(groupName string, markers []help.MarkerDoc) Span

MarkersSummary returns a condensed summary of help for the given markers.

func Newlines Uses

func Newlines(amt int) Span

Newlines returns a span just containing some newlines.

type SpanWriter Uses

type SpanWriter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SpanWriter is a span that contains multiple sub-spans.

func (*SpanWriter) Print Uses

func (m *SpanWriter) Print(s Span)

Print adds a new span to this SpanWriter.

func (*SpanWriter) VisualLength Uses

func (m *SpanWriter) VisualLength() int

func (*SpanWriter) WriteTo Uses

func (m *SpanWriter) WriteTo(w io.Writer) error

type Table Uses

type Table struct {
    Sizing *TableCalculator
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Table is a Span that writes its data in table form, with sizing controlled by the given table calculator. Rows are started with StartRow, followed by some calls to Column, followed by a call to EndRow. Once all rows are added, the table can be used as a Span.

func (*Table) Column Uses

func (t *Table) Column(contents Span)

Column adds the given span as a new column to the current row.

func (*Table) EndRow Uses

func (t *Table) EndRow()

EndRow ends the currently started row.

func (*Table) SkipRow Uses

func (t *Table) SkipRow(contents Span)

SkipRow prints a span without having it contribute to the table calculation.

func (*Table) StartRow Uses

func (t *Table) StartRow()

StartRow starts a new row. It must eventually be followed by EndRow.

func (*Table) VisualLength Uses

func (t *Table) VisualLength() int

func (*Table) WriteTo Uses

func (t *Table) WriteTo(out io.Writer) error

type TableCalculator Uses

type TableCalculator struct {
    Padding  int
    MaxWidth int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TableCalculator calculates column widths (with optional padding) for a table based on the maximum required column width.

func (*TableCalculator) AddRowSizes Uses

func (c *TableCalculator) AddRowSizes(cellSizes

AddRowSizes registers a new row with cells of the given sizes.

func (*TableCalculator) ColumnWidths Uses

func (c *TableCalculator) ColumnWidths() []int

ColumnWidths calculates the appropriate column sizes given the previously registered rows.

type Text Uses

type Text string

Text is a span that simply contains raw text. It's a good starting point.

func (Text) VisualLength Uses

func (t Text) VisualLength() int

func (Text) WriteTo Uses

func (t Text) WriteTo(w io.Writer) error

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