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package rbac

import ""

Package rbac contain libraries for generating RBAC manifests from RBAC markers in Go source files.

The markers take the form:

+kubebuilder:rbac:groups=<groups>,resources=<resources>,verbs=<verbs>,urls=<non resource urls>


Package Files

parser.go zz_generated.markerhelp.go


var (
    // RuleDefinition is a marker for defining RBAC rules.
    // Call ToRule on the value to get a Kubernetes RBAC policy rule.
    RuleDefinition = markers.Must(markers.MakeDefinition("kubebuilder:rbac", markers.DescribesPackage, Rule{}))

func GenerateRoles Uses

func GenerateRoles(ctx *genall.GenerationContext, roleName string) ([]interface{}, error)

GenerateRoles generate a slice of objs representing either a ClusterRole or a Role object The order of the objs in the returned slice is stable and determined by their namespaces.

type Generator Uses

type Generator struct {
    // RoleName sets the name of the generated ClusterRole.
    RoleName string

Generator generates ClusterRole objects.

func (Generator) Generate Uses

func (g Generator) Generate(ctx *genall.GenerationContext) error

func (Generator) Help Uses

func (Generator) Help() *markers.DefinitionHelp

func (Generator) RegisterMarkers Uses

func (Generator) RegisterMarkers(into *markers.Registry) error

type Rule Uses

type Rule struct {
    // Groups specifies the API groups that this rule encompasses.
    Groups []string `marker:",optional"`
    // Resources specifies the API resources that this rule encompasses.
    Resources []string `marker:",optional"`
    // Verbs specifies the (lowercase) kubernetes API verbs that this rule encompasses.
    Verbs []string
    // URL specifies the non-resource URLs that this rule encompasses.
    URLs []string `marker:"urls,optional"`
    // Namespace specifies the scope of the Rule.
    // If not set, the Rule belongs to the generated ClusterRole.
    // If set, the Rule belongs to a Role, whose namespace is specified by this field.
    Namespace string `marker:",optional"`

Rule specifies an RBAC rule to all access to some resources or non-resource URLs.

func (Rule) Help Uses

func (Rule) Help() *markers.DefinitionHelp

func (*Rule) ToRule Uses

func (r *Rule) ToRule() rbacv1.PolicyRule

ToRule converts this rule to its Kubernetes API form.

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