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This package is a stub main wrapping cmd/kind.Main()

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pkg/apis/config/defaultsPackage defaults contains cross-api-version configuration defaults
pkg/apis/config/v1alpha4Package v1alpha4 implements the v1alpha4 apiVersion of kind's cluster configuration
pkg/build/nodeimagepackage nodeimage implements functionality to build the kind node image
pkg/build/nodeimage/internal/container/dockerPackage docker contains helpers for working with docker This package has no stability guarantees whatsoever!
pkg/build/nodeimage/internal/kubePackage kube implements functionality to build Kubernetes for the purposes of installing into the kind node image
pkg/clusterPackage cluster implements kind kubernetes-in-docker cluster management
pkg/cluster/constantsPackage constants contains well known constants for kind clusters
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/configPackage config implements the kubeadm config action
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/installcniPackage installcni implements the install CNI action
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/installstoragePackage installstorage implements the an action to isntall a default storageclass
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/kubeadminitPackage kubeadminit implements the kubeadm init action
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/kubeadmjoinPackage kubeadmjoin implements the kubeadm join action
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/loadbalancerPackage loadbalancer implements the load balancer configuration action
pkg/cluster/internal/create/actions/waitforreadyPackage waitforready implements the wait for ready action
pkg/cluster/internal/kubeadmPackage kubeadm contains kubeadm related constants and configuration
pkg/cluster/internal/kubeconfigPackage kubeconfig provides utilites kind uses internally to manage kind cluster kubeconfigs
pkg/cluster/internal/loadbalancerPackage loadbalancer contains external loadbalancer related constants and configuration
pkg/cluster/internal/logsPackage logs contains tooling for obtaining cluster logs
pkg/cluster/internal/patchPackage patch contains helpers for applying patches
pkg/cluster/internal/providers/provider/commonPackage common contains common code for implementing providers
pkg/cluster/nodesPackage nodes provides a kind specific definition of a cluster node
pkg/cluster/nodeutilsPackage nodeutils contains functionality for Kubernetes-in-Docker nodes It mostly exists to break up functionality from
pkg/cmdPackage cmd provides helpers used by kind's commands / cli
pkg/cmd/kindPackage kind implements the root kind cobra command, and the cli Main()
pkg/cmd/kind/buildPackage build implements the `build` command
pkg/cmd/kind/completionPackage completion implements the `completion` command
pkg/cmd/kind/completion/bashPackage bash implements the `bash` command
pkg/cmd/kind/completion/fishPackage fish implements the `fish` command
pkg/cmd/kind/completion/zshPackage zsh implements the `zsh` command
pkg/cmd/kind/createPackage create implements the `create` command
pkg/cmd/kind/create/clusterPackage cluster implements the `create cluster` command
pkg/cmd/kind/deletePackage delete implements the `delete` command
pkg/cmd/kind/delete/clusterPackage cluster implements the `delete` command
pkg/cmd/kind/delete/clustersPackage clusters implements the `delete` command for multiple clusters
pkg/cmd/kind/exportPackage export implements the `export` command
pkg/cmd/kind/export/kubeconfigPackage kubeconfig implements the `kubeconfig` command
pkg/cmd/kind/export/logsPackage logs implements the `logs` command
pkg/cmd/kind/getPackage get implements the `get` command
pkg/cmd/kind/get/clustersPackage clusters implements the `clusters` command
pkg/cmd/kind/get/kubeconfigPackage kubeconfig implements the `kubeconfig` command
pkg/cmd/kind/get/nodesPackage nodes implements the `nodes` command
pkg/cmd/kind/loadPackage load implements the `load` command
pkg/cmd/kind/load/docker-imagePackage load implements the `load` command
pkg/cmd/kind/load/image-archivePackage load implements the `load` command
pkg/cmd/kind/versionPackage version implements the `version` command
pkg/errorsPackage errors provides common utilities for dealing with errors
pkg/execPackage exec contains an interface for executing commands, along with helpers TODO(bentheelder): add standardized timeout functionality & a default timeout so that commands cannot hang indefinitely (!)
pkg/fsPackage fs contains utilities for interacting with the host filesystem in a docker friendly way TODO(bentheelder): this should be internal
pkg/internal/apis/configPackage config implements the current apiVersion of the `kind` Config along with some common abstractions
pkg/internal/apis/config/encodingPackage encoding implements utilities for decoding from yaml the `kind` Config
pkg/logPackage log defines a logging interface that kind uses This is roughly a minimal subset of klog

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