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package base

import ""

Package base implements functionality to build the kind base image


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const DefaultImage = "kindest/base:latest"

DefaultImage is the default name:tag of the built base image

type BuildContext Uses

type BuildContext struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

BuildContext is used to build the kind node base image, and contains build configuration

func NewBuildContext Uses

func NewBuildContext(options ...Option) *BuildContext

NewBuildContext creates a new BuildContext with default configuration

func (*BuildContext) Build Uses

func (c *BuildContext) Build() (err error)

Build builds the cluster node image, the sourcedir must be set on the NodeImageBuildContext

type Option Uses

type Option func(*BuildContext)

Option is BuildContext configuration option supplied to NewBuildContext

func WithImage Uses

func WithImage(image string) Option

WithImage configures a NewBuildContext to tag the built image with `name`

func WithLogger Uses

func WithLogger(logger log.Logger) Option

WithLogger configures a NewBuildContext to log using logger

func WithSourceDir Uses

func WithSourceDir(sourceDir string) Option

WithSourceDir configures a NewBuildContext to use the source dir `sourceDir`

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