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package nodeimage

import ""

package nodeimage implements functionality to build the kind node image


Package Files

build.go build_impl.go const.go const_cni.go const_storage.go containerd_config.go defaults.go doc.go helpers.go imageimporter.go installcontext.go options.go


const DefaultBaseImage = "kindest/base:v20200729-c7fbe8df"

DefaultBaseImage is the default base image used

const DefaultImage = "kindest/node:latest"

DefaultImage is the default name:tag for the built image

const DefaultMode = "docker"

DefaultMode is the default kubernetes build mode for the built image see pkg/build/kube.Bits

func Build Uses

func Build(options ...Option) error

Build builds a node image using the supplied options

type Option Uses

type Option interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

Option is a configuration option supplied to Build

func WithBaseImage Uses

func WithBaseImage(image string) Option

WithBaseImage configures a build to use `image` as the base image

func WithImage Uses

func WithImage(image string) Option

WithImage configures a build to tag the built image with `image`

func WithKuberoot Uses

func WithKuberoot(root string) Option

WithKuberoot sets the path to the Kubernetes source directory (if empty, the path will be autodetected)

func WithLogger Uses

func WithLogger(logger log.Logger) Option

WithLogger sets the logger

func WithMode Uses

func WithMode(mode string) Option

WithMode sets the kubernetes build mode


internal/container/dockerPackage docker contains helpers for working with docker This package has no stability guarantees whatsoever!
internal/kubePackage kube implements functionality to build Kubernetes for the purposes of installing into the kind node image

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