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package cluster

import ""

Package cluster implements kind kubernetes-in-docker cluster management


Package Files

createoption.go doc.go provider.go


const DefaultName = constants.DefaultClusterName

DefaultName is the default cluster name

type CreateOption Uses

type CreateOption interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

CreateOption is a Provider.Create option

func CreateWithConfigFile Uses

func CreateWithConfigFile(path string) CreateOption

CreateWithConfigFile configures the config file path to use

func CreateWithDisplaySalutation Uses

func CreateWithDisplaySalutation(displaySalutation bool) CreateOption

CreateWithDisplaySalutation enables display a salutation at the end of create cluster if displaySalutation is true

func CreateWithDisplayUsage Uses

func CreateWithDisplayUsage(displayUsage bool) CreateOption

CreateWithDisplayUsage enables displaying usage if displayUsage is true

func CreateWithKubeconfigPath Uses

func CreateWithKubeconfigPath(explicitPath string) CreateOption

CreateWithKubeconfigPath sets the explicit --kubeconfig path

func CreateWithNodeImage Uses

func CreateWithNodeImage(nodeImage string) CreateOption

CreateWithNodeImage overrides the image on all nodes in config as an easy way to change the Kubernetes version

func CreateWithRawConfig Uses

func CreateWithRawConfig(raw []byte) CreateOption

CreateWithRawConfig configures the config to use from raw (yaml) bytes

func CreateWithRetain Uses

func CreateWithRetain(retain bool) CreateOption

CreateWithRetain disables deletion of nodes and any other cleanup that would normally occur after a failure to create This is mainly used for debugging purposes

func CreateWithStopBeforeSettingUpKubernetes Uses

func CreateWithStopBeforeSettingUpKubernetes(stopBeforeSettingUpKubernetes bool) CreateOption

CreateWithStopBeforeSettingUpKubernetes enables skipping setting up kubernetes (kubeadm init etc.) after creating node containers This generally shouldn't be used and is only lightly supported, but allows provisioning node containers for experimentation

func CreateWithV1Alpha4Config Uses

func CreateWithV1Alpha4Config(config *v1alpha4.Cluster) CreateOption

CreateWithV1Alpha4Config configures the cluster with a v1alpha4 config

func CreateWithWaitForReady Uses

func CreateWithWaitForReady(waitTime time.Duration) CreateOption

CreateWithWaitForReady configures a maximum wait time for the control plane node(s) to be ready. By default no waiting is performed

type Provider Uses

type Provider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider is used to perform cluster operations

func NewProvider Uses

func NewProvider(options ...ProviderOption) *Provider

NewProvider returns a new provider based on the supplied options

func (*Provider) CollectLogs Uses

func (p *Provider) CollectLogs(name, dir string) error

CollectLogs will populate dir with cluster logs and other debug files

func (*Provider) Create Uses

func (p *Provider) Create(name string, options ...CreateOption) error

Create provisions and starts a kubernetes-in-docker cluster TODO: move name to an option to override config

func (*Provider) Delete Uses

func (p *Provider) Delete(name, explicitKubeconfigPath string) error

Delete tears down a kubernetes-in-docker cluster

func (*Provider) ExportKubeConfig Uses

func (p *Provider) ExportKubeConfig(name string, explicitPath string) error

ExportKubeConfig exports the KUBECONFIG for the cluster, merging it into the selected file, following the rules from where explicitPath is the --kubeconfig value.

func (*Provider) KubeConfig Uses

func (p *Provider) KubeConfig(name string, internal bool) (string, error)

KubeConfig returns the KUBECONFIG for the cluster If internal is true, this will contain the internal IP etc. If internal is false, this will contain the host IP etc.

func (*Provider) List Uses

func (p *Provider) List() ([]string, error)

List returns a list of clusters for which nodes exist

func (*Provider) ListInternalNodes Uses

func (p *Provider) ListInternalNodes(name string) ([]nodes.Node, error)

ListInternalNodes returns the list of container IDs for the "nodes" in the cluster that are not external

func (*Provider) ListNodes Uses

func (p *Provider) ListNodes(name string) ([]nodes.Node, error)

ListNodes returns the list of container IDs for the "nodes" in the cluster

type ProviderOption Uses

type ProviderOption interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

ProviderOption is an option for configuring a provider

func ProviderWithDocker Uses

func ProviderWithDocker() ProviderOption

ProviderWithDocker configures the provider to use docker runtime

func ProviderWithLogger Uses

func ProviderWithLogger(logger log.Logger) ProviderOption

ProviderWithLogger configures the provider to use Logger logger

func ProviderWithPodman Uses

func ProviderWithPodman() ProviderOption

ProviderWithPodman configures the provider to use podman runtime


constantsPackage constants contains well known constants for kind clusters
internal/create/actions/configPackage config implements the kubeadm config action
internal/create/actions/installcniPackage installcni implements the install CNI action
internal/create/actions/installstoragePackage installstorage implements the an action to isntall a default storageclass
internal/create/actions/kubeadminitPackage kubeadminit implements the kubeadm init action
internal/create/actions/kubeadmjoinPackage kubeadmjoin implements the kubeadm join action
internal/create/actions/loadbalancerPackage loadbalancer implements the load balancer configuration action
internal/create/actions/waitforreadyPackage waitforready implements the wait for ready action
internal/kubeadmPackage kubeadm contains kubeadm related constants and configuration
internal/kubeconfigPackage kubeconfig provides utilities kind uses internally to manage kind cluster kubeconfigs
internal/loadbalancerPackage loadbalancer contains external loadbalancer related constants and configuration
internal/logsPackage logs contains tooling for obtaining cluster logs
internal/patchPackage patch contains helpers for applying patches
internal/providers/commonPackage common contains common code for implementing providers
nodesPackage nodes provides a kind specific definition of a cluster node
nodeutilsPackage nodeutils contains functionality for Kubernetes-in-Docker nodes It mostly exists to break up functionality from

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