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package context

import ""

Package context contains the internal cluster context shared by various packages that implement the user face pkg/cluster.Context


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type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Context is the private shared context underlying pkg/cluster.Context

NOTE: this is the internal one, it should contain reasonably trivial methods that are safe to share between various user facing methods pkg/cluster.Context is a superset of this, packages like create and delete consume this

func NewContext Uses

func NewContext(logger log.Logger, name string) *Context

NewContext returns a new internal cluster management context if name is "" the default name will be used

func NewProviderContext Uses

func NewProviderContext(p provider.Provider, name string) *Context

NewProviderContext returns a new context with given provider and name

func (*Context) CollectLogs Uses

func (c *Context) CollectLogs(dir string) error

CollectLogs will populate dir with cluster logs and other debug files

func (*Context) GetAPIServerEndpoint Uses

func (c *Context) GetAPIServerEndpoint() (string, error)

GetAPIServerEndpoint returns the cluster's API Server endpoint

func (*Context) ListInternalNodes Uses

func (c *Context) ListInternalNodes() ([]nodes.Node, error)

ListInternalNodes returns the list of container IDs for the "nodes" in the cluster that are not external

func (*Context) ListNodes Uses

func (c *Context) ListNodes() ([]nodes.Node, error)

ListNodes returns the list of container IDs for the "nodes" in the cluster

func (*Context) Name Uses

func (c *Context) Name() string

Name returns the cluster's name

func (*Context) Provider Uses

func (c *Context) Provider() provider.Provider

Provider returns the provider of the context

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