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package create

import ""


Package Files


func Cluster Uses

func Cluster(logger log.Logger, p provider.Provider, opts *ClusterOptions) error

Cluster creates a cluster

type ClusterOptions Uses

type ClusterOptions struct {
    Config       *config.Cluster
    NameOverride string // overrides config.Name
    // NodeImage overrides the nodes' images in Config if non-zero
    NodeImage      string
    Retain         bool
    WaitForReady   time.Duration
    KubeconfigPath string
    // see
    StopBeforeSettingUpKubernetes bool // if false kind should setup kubernetes after creating nodes
    // Options to control output
    DisplayUsage      bool
    DisplaySalutation bool

ClusterOptions holds cluster creation options


actions/configPackage config implements the kubeadm config action
actions/installcniPackage installcni implements the install CNI action
actions/installstoragePackage installstorage implements the an action to isntall a default storageclass
actions/kubeadminitPackage kubeadminit implements the kubeadm init action
actions/kubeadmjoinPackage kubeadmjoin implements the kubeadm join action
actions/loadbalancerPackage loadbalancer implements the load balancer configuration action
actions/waitforreadyPackage waitforready implements the wait for ready action

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