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package kubeconfig

import ""

Package kubeconfig provides utilites kind uses internally to manage kind cluster kubeconfigs


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func ContextForCluster Uses

func ContextForCluster(kindClusterName string) string

ContextForCluster returns the context name for a kind cluster based on it's name. This key is used for all list entries of kind clusters

func Export Uses

func Export(p provider.Provider, name, explicitPath string) error

Export exports the kubeconfig given the cluster context and a path to write it to This will always be an external kubeconfig

func Get Uses

func Get(p provider.Provider, name string, external bool) (string, error)

Get returns the kubeconfig for the cluster external controls if the internal IP address is used or the host endpoint

func Remove Uses

func Remove(clusterName, explicitPath string) error

Remove removes clusterName from the kubeconfig paths detected based on either explicitPath being set or $KUBECONFIG or $HOME/.kube/config, following the rules set by kubectl clusterName must identify a kind cluster.



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