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package patch

import ""

Package patch contains helpers for applying patches


Package Files

doc.go json6902patch.go kubeyaml.go matchinfo.go mergepatch.go resource.go toml.go

func KubeYAML Uses

func KubeYAML(toPatch string, patches []string, patches6902 []config.PatchJSON6902) (string, error)

KubeYAML takes a Kubernetes object YAML document stream to patch, merge patches, and JSON 6902 patches.

It returns a patched a YAML document stream.

Matching is performed on Kubernetes style v1 TypeMeta fields (kind and apiVersion), between the YAML documents and the patches.

Patches match if their kind and apiVersion match a document, with the exception that if the patch does not set apiVersion it will be ignored.

func TOML Uses

func TOML(toPatch string, patches []string, patches6902 []string) (string, error)

TOML patches toPatch with the patches (should be TOML merge patches) and patches6902 (should be JSON 6902 patches)

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