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package encoding

import ""

Package encoding implements utilities for decoding from yaml the `kind` Config


Package Files

convert.go doc.go load.go

func Load Uses

func Load(path string) (*config.Cluster, error)

Load reads the file at path and attempts to convert into a `kind` Config; the file can be one of the different API versions defined in scheme. If path == "" then the default config is returned If path == "-" then reads from stdin

func Parse Uses

func Parse(raw []byte) (*config.Cluster, error)

Parse parses a cluster config from raw (yaml) bytes It will always return the current internal version after defaulting and conversion from the read version

func V1Alpha4ToInternal Uses

func V1Alpha4ToInternal(cluster *v1alpha4.Cluster) *config.Cluster

V1Alpha4ToInternal converts to the internal API version

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