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package common

import ""

Package common contains common code for implementing providers


Package Files

constants.go doc.go getport.go images.go namer.go proxy.go


const (
    // HTTPProxy is the HTTP_PROXY environment variable key
    HTTPProxy = "HTTP_PROXY"
    // HTTPSProxy is the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable key
    // NOProxy is the NO_PROXY environment variable key
    NOProxy = "NO_PROXY"
const APIServerInternalPort = 6443

APIServerInternalPort defines the port where the control plane is listening _inside_ the node network

func GetFreePort Uses

func GetFreePort(listenAddr string) (int32, error)

GetFreePort is a helper used to get a free TCP port on the host

func GetProxyEnvs Uses

func GetProxyEnvs(cfg *config.Cluster) map[string]string

GetProxyEnvs returns a map of proxy environment variables to their values If proxy settings are set, NO_PROXY is modified to include the cluster subnets

func MakeNodeNamer Uses

func MakeNodeNamer(clusterName string) func(string) string

MakeNodeNamer returns a func(role string)(nodeName string) used to name nodes based on their role and the clusterName

func PortOrGetFreePort Uses

func PortOrGetFreePort(port int32, listenAddr string) (int32, error)

PortOrGetFreePort is a helper that either returns the provided port if valid or returns a new free port on listenAddr

func RequiredNodeImages Uses

func RequiredNodeImages(cfg *config.Cluster) sets.String

RequiredNodeImages returns the set of _node_ images specified by the config This does not include the loadbalancer image, and is only used to improve the UX by explicit pulling the node images prior to running

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