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package ql

import "upper.io/db.v3/ql"

Package ql wraps the github.com/cznic/ql/driver QL driver. See https://upper.io/db.v3/ql for documentation, particularities and usage examples.


Package Files

collection.go connection.go database.go ql.go template.go tx.go


const Adapter = sqlDriver

Adapter is the public name of the adapter.

func New Uses

func New(sess *sql.DB) (sqlbuilder.Database, error)

New wraps the given *sql.DB session and creates a new db session.

func NewTx Uses

func NewTx(sqlTx *sql.Tx) (sqlbuilder.Tx, error)

NewTx returns a transaction session.

func Open Uses

func Open(settings db.ConnectionURL) (sqlbuilder.Database, error)

Open stablishes a new connection to a SQL server.

type ConnectionURL Uses

type ConnectionURL struct {
    Database string
    Options  map[string]string

ConnectionURL implements a QL connection struct.

func ParseURL Uses

func ParseURL(s string) (conn ConnectionURL, err error)

ParseURL parses s into a ConnectionURL struct.

func (ConnectionURL) String Uses

func (c ConnectionURL) String() (s string)

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