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package client

import ""

Package client implements a simple client service talking to services running anywhere (GCP, InProcess, etc).


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func New Uses

func New(config upspin.Config) upspin.Client

New creates a Client that uses the given configuration to access the various Upspin servers.

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Create Uses

func (c *Client) Create(name upspin.PathName) (upspin.File, error)

Create implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Delete Uses

func (c *Client) Delete(name upspin.PathName) error

Delete implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) DirServer Uses

func (c *Client) DirServer(name upspin.PathName) (upspin.DirServer, error)

DirServer implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Get Uses

func (c *Client) Get(name upspin.PathName) ([]byte, error)

Get implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Glob Uses

func (c *Client) Glob(pattern string) ([]*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Glob implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Lookup Uses

func (c *Client) Lookup(name upspin.PathName, followFinal bool) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Lookup implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) MakeDirectory Uses

func (c *Client) MakeDirectory(name upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

MakeDirectory implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Open Uses

func (c *Client) Open(name upspin.PathName) (upspin.File, error)

Open implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Put Uses

func (c *Client) Put(name upspin.PathName, data []byte) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Put implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) PutDuplicate Uses

func (c *Client) PutDuplicate(oldName, newName upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

PutDuplicate implements upspin.Client. If one of the two files is later modified, the copy and the original will differ.

func (c *Client) PutLink(oldName, linkName upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

PutLink implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) Rename Uses

func (c *Client) Rename(oldName, newName upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Rename implements upspin.Client.

func (*Client) SetTime Uses

func (c *Client) SetTime(name upspin.PathName, t upspin.Time) error

SetTime implements upspin.Client.


clientutilPackage clientutil implements common utilities shared by clients and those who act as clients, such as a DirServer being a client of a StoreServer.
filePackage file implements the File interface used in client.Open and client.Create.

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