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package dircache

import ""

Package dircacheserver is a caching proxy between a client and all directories. Cached entries are appended to a log to survive restarts.


Package Files

log.go proxied.go server.go


const (
    // LRUMax is the maximum number of entries in the LRU.
    LRUMax = 10000

    // SequenceLRUMax is the maximum number of paths that
    // whose sequence we will remember. This is used to
    // avoid reapplying Watch Events that reflect actions
    // we have already applied or overridden.
    SequenceLRUMax = 2000

func New Uses

func New(uncachedCfg, cachedCfg upspin.Config, cacheDir string, maxLogBytes int64, flushBlock func(upspin.Location)) (upspin.DirServer, error)

New creates a new DirServer cache reading in the log and writing out a new compacted log.

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