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package unassigned

import ""

Package unassigned implements a directory server that errors out all its requests.


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type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server implements upspin.DirServer.

func (Server) Close Uses

func (Server) Close()

Close implements upspin.Service.

func (Server) Delete Uses

func (Server) Delete(pathName upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Delete implements upspin.DirServer.Delete.

func (Server) Dial Uses

func (Server) Dial(config upspin.Config, e upspin.Endpoint) (upspin.Service, error)

Dial implements upspin.Service.

func (Server) Endpoint Uses

func (u Server) Endpoint() upspin.Endpoint

Endpoint implements upspin.Service.

func (Server) Glob Uses

func (Server) Glob(pattern string) ([]*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Glob implements upspin.DirServer.Glob.

func (Server) Lookup Uses

func (Server) Lookup(pathName upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Lookup implements upspin.DirServer.Lookup.

func (Server) Put Uses

func (Server) Put(entry *upspin.DirEntry) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

Put implements upspin.DirServer.Put.

func (Server) Watch Uses

func (Server) Watch(upspin.PathName, int64, <-chan struct{}) (<-chan upspin.Event, error)

Watch implements upspin.DirServer.Watch.

func (Server) WhichAccess Uses

func (Server) WhichAccess(pathName upspin.PathName) (*upspin.DirEntry, error)

WhichAccess implements upspin.DirServer.WhichAccess.

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