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package engine

import "v.io/v23/query/engine"

Package engine defines a Create function which returns an instance of datasource.QueryEngine


Package Files


func Create Uses

func Create(db ds.Database) public.QueryEngine

Create returns an instance of datasource.QueryEngine


datasourcePackage datasource defines the interfaces a system must implement to support querying.
internalPackage internal implements Exec, executing SQL-like queries on a given database.
internal/querycheckerPackage querychecker performs a semantic check on an AST produced by the queryparser package.
internal/queryfunctionsPackage queryfunctions describes SyncQL's built-in functions.
internal/queryparserPackage queryparser is a parser to parse a simplified select statement (a la SQL) for the Vanadium key value store (a.k.a., syncbase).
internal/testPackage query_test contains tests for the query package.
publicPackage public defines the QueryEngine interface which is returned from calling v.io/v23/query/engine.Create and PreparedStatement which is returned from the QueryEngine.PrepareStatement function.

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