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package internal

import "v.io/v23/security/access/internal"

Package internal provides a VDL specification for a service used in the unittest of the access package.


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const Execute = MyTag("X")
const Read = MyTag("R")

For this example/unittest, there are three possible values of MyTag, each represented by a single-character string.

const Write = MyTag("W")


var MyObjectDesc rpc.InterfaceDesc = descMyObject

MyObjectDesc describes the MyObject interface.

type MyObjectClientMethods Uses

type MyObjectClientMethods interface {
    Get(*context.T, ...rpc.CallOpt) error
    Put(*context.T, ...rpc.CallOpt) error
    Resolve(*context.T, ...rpc.CallOpt) error
    NoTags(*context.T, ...rpc.CallOpt) error // No tags attached to this.

MyObjectClientMethods is the client interface containing MyObject methods.

MyObject demonstrates how tags are attached to methods.

type MyObjectClientStub Uses

type MyObjectClientStub interface {

MyObjectClientStub embeds MyObjectClientMethods and is a placeholder for additional management operations.

func MyObjectClient Uses

func MyObjectClient(name string) MyObjectClientStub

MyObjectClient returns a client stub for MyObject.

type MyObjectServerMethods Uses

type MyObjectServerMethods interface {
    Get(*context.T, rpc.ServerCall) error
    Put(*context.T, rpc.ServerCall) error
    Resolve(*context.T, rpc.ServerCall) error
    NoTags(*context.T, rpc.ServerCall) error // No tags attached to this.

MyObjectServerMethods is the interface a server writer implements for MyObject.

MyObject demonstrates how tags are attached to methods.

type MyObjectServerStub Uses

type MyObjectServerStub interface {
    // DescribeInterfaces the MyObject interfaces.
    Describe__() []rpc.InterfaceDesc

MyObjectServerStub adds universal methods to MyObjectServerStubMethods.

func MyObjectServer Uses

func MyObjectServer(impl MyObjectServerMethods) MyObjectServerStub

MyObjectServer returns a server stub for MyObject. It converts an implementation of MyObjectServerMethods into an object that may be used by rpc.Server.

type MyObjectServerStubMethods Uses

type MyObjectServerStubMethods MyObjectServerMethods

MyObjectServerStubMethods is the server interface containing MyObject methods, as expected by rpc.Server. There is no difference between this interface and MyObjectServerMethods since there are no streaming methods.

type MyTag Uses

type MyTag string

Any package can define tags (of arbitrary types) to be attached to methods. This type can be used to index into a Permissions.

func (MyTag) VDLIsZero Uses

func (x MyTag) VDLIsZero() bool

func (*MyTag) VDLRead Uses

func (x *MyTag) VDLRead(dec vdl.Decoder) error

func (MyTag) VDLReflect Uses

func (MyTag) VDLReflect(struct {
    Name string `vdl:"v.io/v23/security/access/internal.MyTag"`

func (MyTag) VDLWrite Uses

func (x MyTag) VDLWrite(enc vdl.Encoder) error

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