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package vdlroot

import "v.io/v23/vdlroot"

Package vdlroot defines the standard VDL packages; the VDLROOT environment variable should point at this directory.

This package contains import dependencies on all its sub-packages. This is meant as a convenient mechanism to pull in all standard vdl packages; import vdlroot to ensure the types for all standard vdl packages are registered.

To regenerate the .vdl.go files, specify VDLROOT when invoking the vdl tool. (by default, prebuilt copies of the packages will be used).


Package Files



signaturePackage signature defines types representing interface and method signatures.
timePackage time defines standard representations of absolute and relative times.
vdltoolPackage vdltool defines types used by the vdl tool itself, including the format of vdl.config files.

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