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echo/echoCommand echo is a client for the Echo service.
echo/echodCommand echo is a server for the Echo service.
fortunePackage fortune defines the Fortune example interface.
fortune/fortuneCommand fortune is a client to the Fortune interface.
fortune/fortunedCommand fortuned runs a daemon that implements the Fortune interface.
noflagsAn example using the 'library' factory which is configured via exported variables rather than by command line flags.
rpsPackage rps defines interfaces for playing the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.
rps/internalPackage internal defines common functions used by both rock paper scissors clients and servers.
rps/rpsbotCommand rpsbot repeatedly runs automated games, implementing all three roles.
rps/rpsplayerCommand rpsplayer implements the Player interface, which enables a human to play the game.
rps/rpsscorekeeperCommand rpsscorekeeper implements the ScoreKeeper interface.
tunnelPackage tunnel defines an interface for creating a network tunnel from client to server.
tunnel/internalPackage internal defines common types and functions used by both tunnel clients and servers.
tunnel/tunneldCommand tunneld runs the tunneld daemon, which implements the Tunnel interface.
tunnel/vshCommand vsh runs the Vanadium shell, a Tunnel client that can be used to run shell commands or start an interactive shell on a remote tunneld server.

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