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package echo

import "v.io/x/ref/examples/echo"


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var EchoServiceDesc rpc.InterfaceDesc = descEchoService

EchoServiceDesc describes the EchoService interface.

type EchoServiceClientMethods Uses

type EchoServiceClientMethods interface {
    Echo(_ *context.T, msg string, _ ...rpc.CallOpt) (string, error)

EchoServiceClientMethods is the client interface containing EchoService methods.

type EchoServiceClientStub Uses

type EchoServiceClientStub interface {

EchoServiceClientStub embeds EchoServiceClientMethods and is a placeholder for additional management operations.

func EchoServiceClient Uses

func EchoServiceClient(name string) EchoServiceClientStub

EchoServiceClient returns a client stub for EchoService.

type EchoServiceServerMethods Uses

type EchoServiceServerMethods interface {
    Echo(_ *context.T, _ rpc.ServerCall, msg string) (string, error)

EchoServiceServerMethods is the interface a server writer implements for EchoService.

type EchoServiceServerStub Uses

type EchoServiceServerStub interface {
    // DescribeInterfaces the EchoService interfaces.
    Describe__() []rpc.InterfaceDesc

EchoServiceServerStub adds universal methods to EchoServiceServerStubMethods.

func EchoServiceServer Uses

func EchoServiceServer(impl EchoServiceServerMethods) EchoServiceServerStub

EchoServiceServer returns a server stub for EchoService. It converts an implementation of EchoServiceServerMethods into an object that may be used by rpc.Server.

type EchoServiceServerStubMethods Uses

type EchoServiceServerStubMethods EchoServiceServerMethods

EchoServiceServerStubMethods is the server interface containing EchoService methods, as expected by rpc.Server. There is no difference between this interface and EchoServiceServerMethods since there are no streaming methods.


echoCommand echo is a client for the Echo service.
echodCommand echo is a server for the Echo service.

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