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package internal

import "v.io/x/ref/examples/rps/internal"

Package internal defines common functions used by both rock paper scissors clients and servers.


Package Files

auth.go common.go

func CreateName Uses

func CreateName(ctx *context.T) string

CreateName creates a name using the username and hostname.

func FindJudge Uses

func FindJudge(ctx *context.T, prefix string) (string, error)

FindJudge returns a random rock-paper-scissors judge from the mount table.

func FindPlayer Uses

func FindPlayer(ctx *context.T, prefix string) (string, error)

FindPlayer returns a random rock-paper-scissors player from the mount table.

func FindScoreKeepers Uses

func FindScoreKeepers(ctx *context.T, prefix string) ([]string, error)

FindScoreKeepers returns all the rock-paper-scissors score keepers from the mount table.

func FormatScoreCard Uses

func FormatScoreCard(score rps.ScoreCard) string

FormatScoreCard returns a string representation of a score card.

func NewAuthorizer Uses

func NewAuthorizer(fname string) security.Authorizer

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