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package flowtest

import "v.io/x/ref/runtime/internal/flow/flowtest"


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func NewPeerAuthorizer Uses

func NewPeerAuthorizer(names []string) flow.PeerAuthorizer

func Pipe Uses

func Pipe(t *testing.T, ctx *context.T, network, address string) (dialed, accepted flow.Conn)

Pipe returns a connection pair dialed on against a listener using the given network and address.

type AllowAllPeersAuthorizer Uses

type AllowAllPeersAuthorizer struct{}

func (AllowAllPeersAuthorizer) AuthorizePeer Uses

func (AllowAllPeersAuthorizer) AuthorizePeer(
    ctx *context.T,
    localEndpoint, remoteEndpoint naming.Endpoint,
    remoteBlessings security.Blessings,
    remoteDischarges map[string]security.Discharge,
) ([]string, []security.RejectedBlessing, error)

func (AllowAllPeersAuthorizer) BlessingsForPeer Uses

func (AllowAllPeersAuthorizer) BlessingsForPeer(ctx *context.T, _ []string) (security.Blessings, map[string]security.Discharge, error)

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