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package platform

import "v.io/x/ref/runtime/internal/platform"


Package Files

platform.go platform_linux.go uts_str_linux_nonarm.go

type Platform Uses

type Platform struct {
    // Vendor is the manufacturer of the system. It must be possible
    // to crypographically verify the authenticity of the Vendor
    // using the value of Vendor. The test must fail if the underlying
    // hardware does not provide appropriate support for this.
    // TODO(ashankar, ataly): provide an API for verifying vendor authenticity.
    Vendor string

    // AIKCertificate attests that the platform contains a TPM that is trusted
    // and has valid EK (Endorsement Key) and platform credentials. The
    // AIKCertificate is bound to an AIK public key (attestation identity key)
    // that is secure on the TPM and can be used for signing operations.
    // TODO(gauthamt): provide an implementation of how a device gets this
    // certificate and how a remote process uses it to verify device identity.
    AIKCertificate *security.Certificate

    // Model is the model description, including version information.
    Model string

    // System is the name of the operating system.
    // E.g. 'Linux', 'Darwin'
    System string

    // Release is the specific release of System if known, the empty
    // string otherwise.
    // E.g. 3.12.24-1-ARCH on a Raspberry pi running Arch Linux
    Release string

    // Version is the version of System if known, the empty string otherwise.
    // E.g. #1 PREEMPT Thu Jul 10 23:57:15 MDT 2014 on a Raspberry Pi B
    // running Arch Linux
    Version string

    // Machine is the hardware identifier
    // E.g. armv6l on a Raspberry Pi B
    Machine string

    // Node is the name of the name of the node that the
    // the platform is running on. This is not necessarily unique.
    Node string

Platform describes the hardware and software environment that this process is running on. It is modeled on the Unix uname call.

func GetPlatform Uses

func GetPlatform() (*Platform, error)

GetPlatform returns the description of the Platform this process is running on. A default value for Platform is provided even if an error is returned; nil is never returned for the first return result.

func (*Platform) String Uses

func (p *Platform) String() string

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