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package internal

import "v.io/x/ref/runtime/internal/rpc/stress/internal"


Package Files

client.go server.go util.go

func CallEcho Uses

func CallEcho(octx *context.T, server string, payloadSize int, duration time.Duration) uint64

CallEcho calls 'Echo' method with the given payload size for the given time duration and returns the number of iterations.

func CallSum Uses

func CallSum(ctx *context.T, server string, maxPayloadSize int, stats *stress.SumStats)

CallSum calls 'Sum' method with a randomly generated payload.

func CallSumStream Uses

func CallSumStream(ctx *context.T, server string, maxChunkCnt, maxPayloadSize int, stats *stress.SumStats)

CallSumStream calls 'SumStream' method. Each iteration sends up to 'maxChunkCnt' chunks on the stream and receives the same number of sums back.

func NewService Uses

func NewService() (stress.StressServerStub, <-chan struct{})

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