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benPackage ben defines datastructures to archive microbenchmark results.
ben/archivePackage archive defines the RPC interface for archiving benchmark results.
ben/benarchdCommand benarchd implements a benchmark archival daemon.
ben/benarchd/internalgo:generate ./gen_assets.sh
debug/debugCommand debug supports debugging Vanadium servers.
debug/debug/browseserverPackage browseserver provides a web interface that can be used to interact with the vanadium debug interface.
debug/debuglibPackage debuglib implements debug server support.
dischargerPackage discharger defines an interface for obtaining discharges for third-party caveats.
identityPackage identity defines interfaces for Vanadium identity providers.
identity/identitydCommand identityd runs a daemon HTTP server that uses OAuth to create security.Blessings objects.
identity/identitylibPackage identitylib implements a test identityd service registered using the v.io/x/lib/gosh library.
identity/internal/oauthPackage oauth implements an http.Handler that has two main purposes listed below:
identity/internal/serverHTTP server that uses OAuth to create security.Blessings objects.
identity/internal/utilPackage util implements miscellaneous utility functions needed by the identity HTTP server.
internal/dbutilPackage dbutil implements utilities for opening and configuring connections to MySQL-like databases, with optional TLS support.
internal/dirprinterPackage dirprinter contains utilities for dumping the contents and structure of a directory tree.
internal/logreaderlibPackage logreaderlib implements the LogFile interface from v.io/v23/services/logreader, which can be used to allow remote access to log files, and the ChildrenGlobber interface from v.io/v23/rpc to find the files in a logs directory.
internal/multipartPackage multipart implements an http.File that acts as one logical file backed by several physical files (the 'parts').
internal/pathpermsPackage pathperms provides a library to assist servers implementing GetPermissions/SetPermissions functions and authorizers where there are path-specific Permissions stored individually in files.
internal/pproflibPackage pproflib defines a client-side proxy and server-side implementation of the v.io/v23/services/pprof interface.
internal/restsigner/signer/v1Package signer provides access to the .
internal/servicetestPackage servicetest provides functionality to help write tests for the Vanadium services.
internal/statslibPackage statslib implements the Stats interface from v.io/v23/services/stats.
mounttable/mounttabledCommand mounttabled runs the mount table daemon, which implements the v.io/v23/services/mounttable interfaces.
mounttable/mounttablelibPackage mounttablelib implements utilities for mounttable implementations.
rolePackage role defines an interface for requesting blessings from a role account server.
role/roledCommand roled runs the Role interface daemon.
role/roled/internalPackage internal implements the role service defined in v.io/x/ref/services/role
statsPackages stats defines the non-native types exported by the stats service.
xproxyPackage xproxy enables services to export (proxy) themselves across networks (behind NATs for example).
xproxy/xproxyPackage xproxy contains the implementation of the proxy service.
xproxy/xproxydCommand proxyd is a daemon that listens for connections from Vanadium services (typically behind NATs) and proxies these services to the outside world.

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