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package dokodemo

import ""


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var File_proxy_dokodemo_config_proto protoreflect.FileDescriptor

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Address *net.IPOrDomain `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=address,proto3" json:"address,omitempty"`
    Port    uint32          `protobuf:"varint,2,opt,name=port,proto3" json:"port,omitempty"`
    // List of networks that the Dokodemo accepts.
    // Deprecated. Use networks.
    // Deprecated: Do not use.
    NetworkList *net.NetworkList `protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=network_list,json=networkList,proto3" json:"network_list,omitempty"`
    // List of networks that the Dokodemo accepts.
    Networks []net.Network `protobuf:"varint,7,rep,packed,name=networks,proto3," json:"networks,omitempty"`
    // Deprecated: Do not use.
    Timeout        uint32 `protobuf:"varint,4,opt,name=timeout,proto3" json:"timeout,omitempty"`
    FollowRedirect bool   `protobuf:"varint,5,opt,name=follow_redirect,json=followRedirect,proto3" json:"follow_redirect,omitempty"`
    UserLevel      uint32 `protobuf:"varint,6,opt,name=user_level,json=userLevel,proto3" json:"user_level,omitempty"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Config) Descriptor Uses

func (*Config) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use Config.ProtoReflect.Descriptor instead.

func (*Config) GetAddress Uses

func (x *Config) GetAddress() *net.IPOrDomain

func (*Config) GetFollowRedirect Uses

func (x *Config) GetFollowRedirect() bool

func (*Config) GetNetworkList Uses

func (x *Config) GetNetworkList() *net.NetworkList

Deprecated: Do not use.

func (*Config) GetNetworks Uses

func (x *Config) GetNetworks() []net.Network

func (*Config) GetPort Uses

func (x *Config) GetPort() uint32

func (*Config) GetPredefinedAddress Uses

func (v *Config) GetPredefinedAddress() net.Address

GetPredefinedAddress returns the defined address from proto config. Null if address is not valid.

func (*Config) GetTimeout Uses

func (x *Config) GetTimeout() uint32

Deprecated: Do not use.

func (*Config) GetUserLevel Uses

func (x *Config) GetUserLevel() uint32

func (*Config) ProtoMessage Uses

func (*Config) ProtoMessage()

func (*Config) ProtoReflect Uses

func (x *Config) ProtoReflect() protoreflect.Message

func (*Config) Reset Uses

func (x *Config) Reset()

func (*Config) String Uses

func (x *Config) String() string

type DokodemoDoor Uses

type DokodemoDoor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DokodemoDoor) Init Uses

func (d *DokodemoDoor) Init(config *Config, pm policy.Manager, sockopt *session.Sockopt) error

Init initializes the DokodemoDoor instance with necessary parameters.

func (*DokodemoDoor) Network Uses

func (d *DokodemoDoor) Network() []net.Network

Network implements proxy.Inbound.

func (*DokodemoDoor) Process Uses

func (d *DokodemoDoor) Process(ctx context.Context, network net.Network, conn internet.Connection, dispatcher routing.Dispatcher) error

Process implements proxy.Inbound.

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