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package x

import "within.website/x"

Package x is a hack


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cmd/appsluggrCommand appsluggr packages a standard web and worker slug for Heroku/Dokku.
cmd/dnsdCommand dnsd is a simple DNS server for my network.
cmd/ff-primitiveCommand ff-primitive takes farbfeld data from standard in and applies http://primitive.lol to it.
cmd/genuaCommand genua generates an example user agent.
cmd/johausCommand johaus wraps the lojban parser camxes and presents the results over HTTP.
cmd/la-baujmiCommand la-baujmi is a simple language understander for Toki Pona.
cmd/licenseCommand license is a simple software license generator.
cmd/license/licensesPackage licenses is the list of licenses that this software supports.
cmd/mainsanowCommand mainsanow shows the current time in ma insa.
cmd/minipaasCommand minipaas is a simple client for minipaas.xeserv.us.
cmd/mkappCommand mkapp creates a mastodon app for a given -instance.
cmd/priorworkgenCommand priorworkgen generates the list of prior work (read: GitHub repositories) for contractual stuff.
cmd/quickservCommand quickserv serves a folder of files over HTTP quickly.
cmd/relaydCommand relayd is a simple TLS terminator using let's encrypt.
cmd/thumberCommand thumber creates 256x256 thumbnails for a folder/pile of them.
cmd/tlstestdCommand tlstestd loads the given TLS cert/key and listens to the given port over HTTPS.
cmd/tor2webCommand tor2web is a simple caching proxy to tor onion sites.
cmd/whoisfrontCommand whoisfront is a simple CGI wrapper to switchcounter.science.
cmd/within.websiteCommand within.website is the vanity import server for https://within.website.
discord/pdevbitcoinbotCommand pdevbitcoinbot queries the bitstamp API and stores prices in a HDR Histogram.
entropyPackage entropy has a few helper functions to calculate the bit entropy of strings.
i18nPackage i18n handles internationalization and the like for Go programs.
idpCommand idp is a primitive identity provider based on TOTP challenge from Google Authenticator codes.
idp/idpmiddlewarePackage idpmiddleware is a simple HTTP middleware that protects routes using idp(1).
internalPackage internal centralizes a lot of other boring configuration and startup logic into a common place.
internal/flagenvPackage flagenv provides the ability to populate flags from environment variables.
internal/gokrazyPackage gokrazy makes it easier to adapt tools to https://gokrazy.org.
internal/kahlessPackage kahless is a set of functions to copy files to https://xena.greedo.xeserv.us/files.
internal/mainsaPackage mainsa is a small set of conversion or other useful utility functions for converting plane 432 units to ma Insa units.
internal/manpagePackage manpage is a manpage generator based on command line flags from package flag.
internal/minipaasPackage minipaas is a set of functions for interfacing with minipaas.xeserv.us.
internal/tokiponaPackage tokipona adds a copyright notice that pu wants to the list of licenses.
internal/torPackage tor manages and automates starting a child tor process for exposing TCP services into onionland.
internal/yeetPackage yeet is a set of small helper functions useful for yeeting out scripts.
jboPackage jbo is a set of utilities and helpers for understanding lojban text.
jbo/namcuPackage namcu allows for the convenient encoding and decoding of lojban numbers.
localcaPackage localca uses an autocert.Cache to store and generate TLS certificates for domains on demand.
markovPackage markov handles markov chain generation.
maybedoerPackage maybedoer contains a pipeline of actions that might fail.
s6Package s6 allows Go programs to signal readiness to the s6[1] suite of system supervision tools.
tokiponaPackage tokipona contains utilities, helpers and relexers for Toki Pona.
tokipona/internalCode generated by go-bindata.
tun2Package tun2 tunnels HTTP requests over existing, long-lived connections using smux[1] and optionally kcp[2] to enable more reliable transport.
vanityPackage vanity implements custom import paths (Go vanity URLs) as an HTTP handler that can be installed at the vanity URL.
webPackage web is a simple collection of high-level error and transport types that I end up using over and over.
web/discordwebhookPackage discordwebhook is a simple low-level HTTP client wrapper around Discord webhooks.
web/switchcounterPackage switchcounter is a simple interface to the https://www.switchcounter.science/ API.
web/tokipanaPackage tokipana wraps http://inamidst.com/services/tokipana.
web/tokiponatokensPackage tokiponatokens is a wrapper to a Toki Poka tokenizer.

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