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appsluggrCommand appsluggr packages a standard web and worker slug for Heroku/Dokku.
dnsdCommand dnsd is a simple DNS server for my network.
ff-primitiveCommand ff-primitive takes farbfeld data from standard in and applies http://primitive.lol to it.
genuaCommand genua generates an example user agent.
johausCommand johaus wraps the lojban parser camxes and presents the results over HTTP.
la-baujmiCommand la-baujmi is a simple language understander for Toki Pona.
licenseCommand license is a simple software license generator.
license/licensesPackage licenses is the list of licenses that this software supports.
mainsanowCommand mainsanow shows the current time in ma insa.
minipaasCommand minipaas is a simple client for minipaas.xeserv.us.
mkappCommand mkapp creates a mastodon app for a given -instance.
priorworkgenCommand priorworkgen generates the list of prior work (read: GitHub repositories) for contractual stuff.
quickservCommand quickserv serves a folder of files over HTTP quickly.
relaydCommand relayd is a simple TLS terminator using let's encrypt.
thumberCommand thumber creates 256x256 thumbnails for a folder/pile of them.
tlstestdCommand tlstestd loads the given TLS cert/key and listens to the given port over HTTPS.
tor2webCommand tor2web is a simple caching proxy to tor onion sites.
whoisfrontCommand whoisfront is a simple CGI wrapper to switchcounter.science.
within.websiteCommand within.website is the vanity import server for https://within.website.

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