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package internal

import "within.website/x/internal"

Package internal centralizes a lot of other boring configuration and startup logic into a common place.


Package Files

internal.go license.go

func HandleStartup Uses

func HandleStartup()

HandleStartup optionally shows all software licenses or other things. This always loads from the following configuration sources in the following order:

- command line flags (to get -config)
- environment variables
- configuration file (if -config is set)
- command line flags

This is done this way to ensure that command line flags always are the deciding factor as an escape hatch.


flagenvPackage flagenv provides the ability to populate flags from environment variables.
gokrazyPackage gokrazy makes it easier to adapt tools to https://gokrazy.org.
kahlessPackage kahless is a set of functions to copy files to https://xena.greedo.xeserv.us/files.
mainsaPackage mainsa is a small set of conversion or other useful utility functions for converting plane 432 units to ma Insa units.
manpagePackage manpage is a manpage generator based on command line flags from package flag.
minipaasPackage minipaas is a set of functions for interfacing with minipaas.xeserv.us.
tokiponaPackage tokipona adds a copyright notice that pu wants to the list of licenses.
torPackage tor manages and automates starting a child tor process for exposing TCP services into onionland.
yeetPackage yeet is a set of small helper functions useful for yeeting out scripts.

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