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package flagenv

import "within.website/x/internal/flagenv"

Package flagenv provides the ability to populate flags from environment variables.



Package Files

flagenv.go legal.go


var Prefix = ""

Specify a prefix for environment variables.

func Parse Uses

func Parse()

Parse will set each defined flag from its corresponding environment variable . If dots or dash are presents in the flag name, they will be converted to underscores.

If Parse fails, a fatal error is issued.


var raz string
flag.StringVar(&raz, "raz-value", "bar", "set the raz")

// override default flag value with value found in MY_RAZ_VALUE
flagenv.Prefix = "my_"

// override value found in MY_RAZ_VALUE with command line flag value -raz-value=foo

func ParseSet Uses

func ParseSet(prefix string, set *flag.FlagSet) error

ParseSet parses the given flagset. The specified prefix will be applied to the environment variable names.

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