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package kahless

import "within.website/x/internal/kahless"

Package kahless is a set of functions to copy files to https://xena.greedo.xeserv.us/files.


Package Files

doc.go kahless.go

func Copy Uses

func Copy(mode os.FileMode, fileName string, contents io.Reader, destinationPath string) error

Copy copies a local file reader to the remote destination path. This copies the enitre contents of contents into ram. Don't use this function if doing so is a bad idea. Only works on files less than 2 GB.

func CopyFile Uses

func CopyFile(fileName string, contents io.Reader) (string, error)

CopyFile copies a file to Greedo's public files folder and returns its public-facing URL.

func Dial Uses

func Dial() (*ssh.Client, error)

Dial opens a SSH client to greedo.

func WebURL Uses

func WebURL(fragment string) string

WebURL constructs a public-facing URL for a given resource by fragment.

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