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package maybedoer

import "within.website/x/maybedoer"

Package maybedoer contains a pipeline of actions that might fail. If any action in the chain fails, no further actions take place and the error becomes the pipeline error.


Package Files


type Impl Uses

type Impl struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Impl sequences a set of actions to be performed via calls to `Maybe` such that any previous error prevents new actions from being performed.

This is, conceptually, just a go-ification of the Maybe monad.

func (*Impl) Error Uses

func (c *Impl) Error() error

Error returns the first error encountered in the Error chain.

func (*Impl) Maybe Uses

func (c *Impl) Maybe(f func() error)

Maybe performs `f` if no previous call to a Maybe'd action resulted in an error

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