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package tokipona

import "within.website/x/tokipona"

Package tokipona contains utilities, helpers and relexers for Toki Pona.


Package Files

doc.go nimi.go relex.go relex_gen.go

func Relex Uses

func Relex(inp string) string

Relex does a very literal translation of Toki Pona to English. See http://tokipona.net/tp/Relex.aspx for the idea.

type Word Uses

type Word struct {
    Name     string   `json:"name"`
    Gloss    string   `json:"gloss"`
    Grammar  []string `json:"grammar"`
    Category string   `json:"category,omitempty"`
    Type     string   `json:"type,omitempty"`

Word is a single word in the Toki Pona dictionary.

func LoadWords Uses

func LoadWords() ([]Word, error)

LoadWords loads the embedded Toki Pona dictionary.


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