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package dsp

import "zikichombo.org/dsp"

Package dsp is an umbrella for audio dsp.

Package dsp is part of http://zikichombo.org


Package Files



convolPackage convol provides convolution implementations.
convol/cmplxPackage cmplx provides convolution implementations for complex kernels and sequences.
cztPackage czt implements the chirp-z transform.
dctPackage dct provides discrete cosine transform support.
fftPackage fft provides support for 1 dimensional fast fourier transform and spectra.
lpcPackage lpc provides a linear predictive coding interface.
mathutil/qitpPackage qitp implements quadratic interpolation.
resamplePackage resample implements resampling/changes in resolution.
wfnPackage wfn provides support for time windowing functions.

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