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package keystore

import ""


Package Files

keystore.go keystore_inmem.go keystore_vault.go


var (
    // ErrNotImplemented is raised when calling not implemented method
    ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("keystore: Method not implemented")
    // ErrKeyNotFound is raised when trying to get inexistant key from keystore
    ErrKeyNotFound = errors.New("keystore: Key not found")
    // ErrGeneratorNeedPositiveValueAboveOne is raised when caller gives a value under 1 as count
    ErrGeneratorNeedPositiveValueAboveOne = errors.New("keystore: Key generation count needs positive above 1 value as count")

type Expirable Uses

type Expirable interface {
    IsExpired() bool

Expirable is a behaviour for a key

type KeyGenerator Uses

type KeyGenerator func() (key.Key, error)

KeyGenerator is the key builder to use for the keystore

type KeyStore Uses

type KeyStore interface {
    All() ([]key.Key, error)
    OnlyPublicKeys() ([]key.Key, error)
    Add(key.Key) error
    AddWithExpiration(key.Key, time.Duration) error
    Get(string) (key.Key, error)
    Remove(string) error
    RotateKeys(context.Context) error
    Pick() (key.Key, error)
    Generate() (key.Key, error)

KeyStore contract

func NewInMemory Uses

func NewInMemory(generator KeyGenerator) (KeyStore, error)

NewInMemory returns an in-memory map based keystore

func NewVault Uses

func NewVault(generator KeyGenerator, prefix string) (KeyStore, error)

NewVault returns a vault based keystore



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