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package db

import ""


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errors.go paginator.go sort.go


const (
    // DefaultPerPage defines the default value for pagination
    DefaultPerPage uint = 20


var (
    // ErrNoResult is raised when data query returns no result
    ErrNoResult = xerrors.New("No result")
    // ErrTooManyResults is raised when data query returns too many results
    ErrTooManyResults = xerrors.New("too many results returned")
    // ErrNoModification is raised when updating an entity without any changes
    ErrNoModification = xerrors.New("No changes made")

type Pagination Uses

type Pagination struct {
    Page    uint
    PerPage uint
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Pagination is a pagination calcul handler for database request.

func NewPaginator Uses

func NewPaginator(page, perPage uint) *Pagination

NewPaginator returns a pagination holder

func (*Pagination) CurrentPageCount Uses

func (p *Pagination) CurrentPageCount() uint

CurrentPageCount returns the element count of the current page

func (*Pagination) HasNext Uses

func (p *Pagination) HasNext() bool

HasNext returns the status if current page has a next one

func (*Pagination) HasOtherPages Uses

func (p *Pagination) HasOtherPages() bool

HasOtherPages returns the status of having previous or next pages

func (*Pagination) HasPrev Uses

func (p *Pagination) HasPrev() bool

HasPrev returns the status if current page has a previous one

func (*Pagination) NextPage Uses

func (p *Pagination) NextPage() uint

NextPage returns the page number for the next page. won't go past the end

func (*Pagination) NumPages Uses

func (p *Pagination) NumPages() uint

NumPages returns the total number of pages

func (*Pagination) Offset Uses

func (p *Pagination) Offset() uint

Offset returns the offset of first element

func (*Pagination) PrevPage Uses

func (p *Pagination) PrevPage() uint

PrevPage returns the page number for the page before this bottoms out at the first page

func (*Pagination) SetTotal Uses

func (p *Pagination) SetTotal(total uint)

SetTotal is used to defines the total count of paginated values.

func (*Pagination) Total Uses

func (p *Pagination) Total() uint

Total returns the total number of items

type SortDirection Uses

type SortDirection int

SortDirection is the enumeration for sort

const (
    // Ascending sort from bottom to up
    Ascending SortDirection = iota + 1
    // Descending sort from up to bottom

func (SortDirection) String Uses

func (m SortDirection) String() string

type SortParameters Uses

type SortParameters map[string]SortDirection

SortParameters contains a hashmap of field name with sort direction

func SortConverter Uses

func SortConverter(sorts []string) *SortParameters

SortConverter convert a list of string to a SortParameters instance



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