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package controller

import ""


Package Files

controller.go handlers.go

func AddRemoteControllerReference Uses

func AddRemoteControllerReference(child metav1.Object, parent metav1.Object)

func HandleAddUpdateWith Uses

func HandleAddUpdateWith(f func(obj interface{})) cache.ResourceEventHandlerFuncs

func HandleAllWith Uses

func HandleAllWith(f func(obj interface{})) cache.ResourceEventHandlerFuncs

func ParentControlsChild Uses

func ParentControlsChild(child metav1.Object, parent metav1.Object) bool

type Controller Uses

type Controller struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(name string, reconciler Reconciler, informersSynced ...cache.InformerSynced) *Controller

func (*Controller) EnqueueController Uses

func (c *Controller) EnqueueController(ownerKind string, getOwner GetOwner) func(obj interface{})

func (*Controller) EnqueueKey Uses

func (c *Controller) EnqueueKey(key interface{})

func (*Controller) EnqueueObject Uses

func (c *Controller) EnqueueObject(obj interface{})

func (*Controller) EnqueueRemoteController Uses

func (c *Controller) EnqueueRemoteController(ownerKind string, getOwner GetOwner) func(obj interface{})

func (*Controller) Run Uses

func (c *Controller) Run(threadiness int, stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

Run will set up the event handlers for types we are interested in, as well as syncing informer caches and starting workers. It will block until stopCh is closed, at which point it will shutdown the workqueue and wait for workers to finish processing their current work items.

type GetOwner Uses

type GetOwner func(namespace string, name string) (metav1.Object, error)

type Reconciler Uses

type Reconciler interface {
    Handle(key interface{}) (requeueAfter *time.Duration, err error)

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