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package delegatepod

import ""


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func ChangeLabels Uses

func ChangeLabels(labels map[string]string) (map[string]string, bool)

ChangeLabels changes a delegate pod's labels so as not to confuse potential controller of proxy pod, e.g., replica set. If the original label key has a domain prefix, replace it with ours; if it doesn't, add our domain prefix. Also used to optionally reroute service selector. Length is not an issue: "Valid label keys have two segments: an optional prefix and name, separated by a slash (/). The name segment is required and must be 63 characters or less" TODO: resolve conflict two keys have same name but different prefixes

func IsDelegate Uses

func IsDelegate(pod *corev1.Pod) bool

func MakeDelegatePod Uses

func MakeDelegatePod(proxyPod *corev1.Pod) (*v1alpha1.PodChaperon, error)

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